Bershire and Reading Fire Brigade - Trainingsmaterial - Berkshire and Reading Fire Brigade
Medium Single papers (not bound)
This bundle of papers include trainingsmaterials for the Berkshire and Reading UK fire brigade.
-Composition of air
-Circulation of oxygen
-Oral Resuscitation
-The evolution of Breathing apparatus
-Operational procedure for the use of breathing apparatus
-Entrapped procedures
-Searching procedures
-Gas cylinders
-General description Salvus set
-Care and Maintenance Salvus set
-Test procedure Proto and Salvus Sets
-Faults and remedies Salvus
-Faults and remedies Proto
-Doning and starting pocedure Proto sets
-Doning and starting pocedure Salvus sets
-Compressor instructions
-Compressed Air set MARK II "A "- Mark IV
-Compressed Air set Normalair
-Instructions Bardic BM44S torch
-Telecomms Normalair Limited (Draeger folder)
-Draeger Normalair Limited "Air Pak"folder
-Draeger Normalair Limited "Compressed Air breathing Apparartus"folder
-Folder Roberts Breathing apparatus
-Questionaire (quiz)
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