A Demonstration Of The Diving Engine - Its Invention and various Uses - Michael Fardell and Nigel Phillips (2000)
ISBN 0 948065 34 7
Genre Beroepsduiken
Onderwerp History
Uitgever Historical Diving Society
Publicatie Datum 2000
Medium Hardcover (254 x 196 mm)
Land Groot-Brittannië
Taal Engels
Rol 1 In association with The National Maritime Museum Greenwich
Illustrator Kitzinger London
The late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries saw an increased interest in the business ofdiving, and a proliferation of new designs ofequipmen t. In the first halfof the eighteenth century, a number of divers used the 'barrel' type ofapparatus to salvage goods and treasure from the bottom ofthe sea. One of these was Jacob Rowe, a man of many parts: sea captain, engineer, inventor, author, and diver, but it is as a diver that he is now remembered. He was a man of great drive and determination, achieving two remarkable feats of marine salvage, during an era when underwater salvage was just beginning in earnest. Here, for the first time, is printed his treatise on diving, describing in detail how his apparatus was constructed and used. Not only is Rowe's treatise the first known English monograph on diving, it is also one of only a handful of treatises on the subject, in any language, written during the eighteenth century. The publication of Rowe's original manuscript, together with a recently researched account ofhis life and work, throws new light on this aspect of maritime history.
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Serie First edition of 750 copies
Drukker Smith Settle, Otley
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